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What Vaccination Certificate does my dog need?

Your dog MUST HAVE a CURRENT C5 VACCINATION CERTIFICATE for ‘the famous five’ :-  Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica.   All kennels are required to abide by the NSW Department of Primary Industries NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No. 5 – Dogs and cats in animal boarding establishments.  Section 6.1.1 ‘For dogs, vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and canine cough is required.  A current vaccination certificate (certifying that vaccination was done in the preceding 12 months) must be produced for each dog before admission.  Checking for heartworm infection is recommended before admission.’

When do I need to book?

This is dependent on the time of the year you want us to care for your pet. If you are planning to go away during the school holidays, Christmas/New Year, Easter, you need to book months in advance. We have dogs booked in 12 months in advance as the demand is high and there are only so many pets we can care for. During these times we have Waiting Lists for hopeful owners. If you need us to care for your pet during the low season, it is still advisable to book as soon as you have your dates set.

Do I need to pay a deposit and is it refundable?

Yes, you need to pay 50% deposit which will confirm your pet’s accommodation. Deposits will not be refunded during the peak seasons two months prior to the date and during low seasons two weeks prior to the date, unless we can find another pet as a replacement.

How do I pay TLC?

Deposits can be made through internet banking or by EFTPOS at the kennels. The balance is paid by EFTPOS or cash when you collect your pet. We do not accept cheques.

What do I need to bring?

The vets recommend it is best for the pet to remain on its normal diet, so please bring your pet’s food, sufficient for the duration. We have fridges and freezers to store food. Bring some of your pet’s favourite treats too. Do not bring all the ‘b’s’ = beds, bowls, blankets and bedding. We have everything. Just bring a favourite toy of an unwashed, old t-shirt so it has your scent on it. If your pet is on medication, please ensure you bring sufficient for the duration, as prescribed by your vet, with your pet’s name, clear dosage and administration instructions on the label. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and is on lead on alighting from your vehicle as we are on acreage and we have pet peacocks that will not run away. We do not want our pet peacocks to be injured or frightened.

Will my dog have his own kennel or must he share with other dogs?

Every dog is allocated its own kennel. For dogs from the same family, we place them side by side unless the owner specifies they want the dogs to be together. Our kennels are designed in such a way that several walls move thereby turning two kennels into one. We do not and will not house dogs belonging to different owners together. We do not backpack.

I want my dog/s to share but not when being fed. Is this a problem?

Only dogs from the same family share a kennel. We do not and will not house dogs belonging to different owners together. We do not backpack. At meal times we always separate dogs, even those from the same family, because from our experience we have found if there is going to be a fight it is normally over food.

How much exercise does my dog have each day?

We have nine outside exercise yards as well as a very large indoor arena. Our philosophy is to provide all the dogs with more than ample exercise in the fresh air so when they come back inside the complex they are ready for a nap. Each dog is exercised three times/day. The Code of Practice states 8.2.1 Exercise can be provided by:- allowing dogs access to an exercise area for at least 10 minutes twice daily. We do not believe twice a day for 10 minutes is sufficient exercise for any dog, unless, of course, there are health issues.

Can my dog play with other dogs?

When you make your booking for your pet dog, we record lots of information, particularly in respect to your pet’s behaviour. We understand your pet is leaving its own environment and as such it may react differently to normal at our kennels. One of the questions we ask is:- Is your dog social with other dogs and/or is s/he aggressive? We record your answer to this extremely important question, however, we cannot rely on your answer. We have a duty of care and before we allow any dog to socialise with another we cannot do so unless we have monitored the dog to ensure we are confident they will play and have a great time with another dog. We read the dogs. We have nine exercise yards so your dog will not miss out.

Are the exercise yards fenced? My dog is a jumper or digger and I am worried s/he may escape.

We have a nickname for our kennels – ‘Guantanamo Bay’. We have gates, locks, bolts and fences everywhere. The outside perimeter of our exercise yards is concreted so a dog cannot dig and tunnel out. Our indoor arena is colorbond fencing and our complex has additional gates and bolts inside.

What happens to the dogs when there is a thunderstorm?

In the event of a thunderstorm during the day, all pets are secured safely inside the complex. We lock-down. There is no way any pet will be outside during a thunderstorm, or for that matter, when it is raining or during the night. Our nickname for our kennels is ‘Guantanamo Bay’, as it is escape proof. We have calming music to settle them as well as TV. Our complex is double-insulated to reduce outside noise. With our exercise programme the pets will usually sleep through the night. We move around the complex all the time and talk to each pet calling them by their name. On admission this is one of the questions we ask all owners and we document the information provided. We use the information provided by the owners as a guide and we test and monitor the pet’s behaviour all the time. If an owner provides and requests medication for their pet during thunderstorms we will administer the correct dose according to the vet’s diagnosis and prescription instructions. We do not medicate pets unless so instructed by the vet and the owner.

My dog puts on weight easily. How can you ensure this does not happen?

Upon admission we document the food regime for every dog to ensure the correct food and portions are presented. All pets are boarded individually and they only have access to their own food. We monitor every dog’s food consumption so we know if they are (a) eating what they are given, or (b) have lost their appetite.

What happens on really hot days? How do you ensure the dogs do not suffer heat stress?

The design of our complex ensures a comfortable temperature is maintained. It is open-plan to ensure maximum air circulation. The roof is double insulated with air extractors, the walls are lined with refrigeration panelling and the floor is concrete with an epoxy covering; there are industrial fans which are directed to every part of the complex. We monitor how much water every dog is drinking, every day, and ensure they always have more than sufficient water for their needs. Our kennels are cool but on extremely hot days we monitor the amount of water in each kennel every hour.

As my dog will be boarding for a few weeks will he remember me when I come to collect him?

Dogs have great memories and your dog will never forget you. We have dogs return for another holiday with us after 12 months and they remember us. We love to see the reaction when owners collect their pets. Our kennels are called ‘The House of Fun’, which says it all. We treat your pet as if it was our own – it will not miss out on anything. Once your pet has settled in to the new routine s/he will be more than comfortable. We will keep your pet busy and give plenty of ‘tender loving care’, just as you do.

Do I get a discount if I have two dogs?

We are only allowed to have a certain number of dogs under our care. Every dog is treated exactly the same, big or small, young or old. We do not have ‘packages’ – the price is the same for every dog.

My dog is very old. Do you look after old dogs?

Yes, provided you have certification from your vet stating your pet is well enough to go into a kennel. We do charge an extra fee for dogs which are incontinent, which is understandable. We look after quite a number of aged and frail dogs.

My dog is on medication. What do you do?

All medication must be prescribed by a vet, clearly labelled with the dog’s name and the dosage on the label. We do not charge for giving a dog a tablet, for putting cream in their eyes or drops in their ears during normal working hours. For insulin dependent dogs because the insulin injection must be administered at exactly the same time every day, usually every 12 hours, we charge an additional fee.

My dog has special needs caring. Can he stay with you and how do you manage this?

We look after dogs with different types of special needs, including blind and deaf dogs. The blind dogs are personally walked around one exercise yard, on a lead, and this exercise yard is then the one they use. They are introduced to their own kennel, shown where their bed and water are located. When feeding, the pet is introduced to the food bowl which is then placed on the ground. Deaf dogs are easy, they will follow hand signals. The thing we do differently to other kennels is that we interact all day long with all the dogs, calling them by their names, patting them, talking to them, give them treats, look them in the eyes.

How do you transport dogs?

We have a Ford Transit Van for pet transport. We only collect/deliver pets from one owner at a time. We do not collect/deliver several pets from different owners. All dogs are transported in separate, secure cages to prevent them from injury. Ventilated air circulates throughout the van while it is moving. We clean and disinfect the van on a regular basis.

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